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NY Bird Nest, Inc. is a company that is specialized in dealing bird’s nest in the United States and China.

Our company has been in business for over than 20 years.

NY Bird Nest, Inc. provides variety of bird nest and we promise that our quality is 100% Pure and Genuine no additional chemical, no bleaching, no coloring , no artificial preservatives.


NY Bird Nest Team works really hard to provide the best and sustainable bird nest for you. As with all prized delicacies, the market has its fair to share of fakes, unsubstained claims, exaggerated benefits, not to mention rouged traders who manipulate the colour of quality of their bird nest with chemicals, hoping to fetch a premium price.

Hence, We Aim to provide Bird Nest not only as a health and beauty solution but to educate the public about this wonderful product of nature.

The swiflet bird nest is a healthy food contains high protein intake. The Chinese ancestors have used bird nest as traditional medicine, and inherited this secret healthy recipe down to younger generations until today.


We pay extra attention to detail in handling our bird nest by using traditional tools such as twisters and knives, with natural water in order to maintain the quality of our bird nest. We extensively train our employees about sanitation in handling the bird nest.


Nest – has always been considered tonic, is a growth in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand around the sea, like to live in a group of rock cliffs in Hainan, a hole called “gold Swiftlet, “a bird nest that uses a combination of mossy, seaweed and soft weaved plants to blend their feathers and saliva into a bird’s nest as a shelter. People take this bird’s nest removed, after refining, sorting to become a luxury bird’s nest.

“Swiftlet” knot nest three times a year, the first time the nest knot thick and white, as the Swallow after a long winter, have a longer time to recuperate, the body stores enough nutrients, saliva better quality, so Built nests better thicker, particularly good shape, and into a light-shaped, so called Yanzhan, is the best bird’s nest.

There is a bird’s nest called “Blood Swallow”, many people mistakenly think that due to lack of nest swallow spit blood even spit it out to nest, it became a hellogh. In fact, Xueyan is a kind of “brown tail swiftlet” built by the swallows may drink different water quality, or because of the feed may contain minerals and other factors, lead to saliva red, so Build a “blood Yan” nest.     

Blood Swallow to Romania’s Roland Rock Hill, Mount Constantia, Songshan] for more than production, it is not as legend because swallows vomit blood formed. According to the information, the quality of blood-swallow is actually more than that of white-yan. The aroma and the ingredients derived from the soaking are not as good as those of the white swallow’s nest. Blood-swallowed animals are only precious and expensive in recent years.     

Another called “Bai Yan”, prolific in Indonesia, there is also called “Mao Yan” prolific in Wen Wei Po and the island. This kind of Mao Yan thinner body, darker color, more feathers and impurities, mainly by a named “gray waist swiftlet” built by the nest, other impurities and feathers are collectively referred to as Mao Yan.

Senior Dr. Jiang Runxiang analysis, bird’s nest can promote cell division (will not divide cancer cells), stimulate lymphocytes, promote kidney development, immune anti-bacterial effect, maintain youthful vigor. Bird’s nest regardless of origin, regardless of series have the same effect. Bird’s nest is best used peeling chicken stew is the best match. Bird’s nest there are “House Swallow” and “House Swallow”, is living in the nesting of ancient houses made. Bird’s Nest in the Yuan dynasty before entering medicine, bird’s nest to maintain youth through the skin, bird’s nest is rich in protein, carbohydrate, ash, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and other nutrients, is a hobby nourishing people favorite moisturizing Need.

Bird’s nest is rich in minerals, active protein and collagen and other nutrients that can stimulate cell regeneration.

— NY Bird’s Nest,Inc
nybirdnest factory
NY Bird Nest - factory
NY Bird Nest - factory

* 100% Pure and Genuine without any other ingredients .

* Not bleached nor chemically treated in any form .

* Less than 10% water content (market standard is 30%, so you are buying more bird nest , not water!)

* Free from all coloring, additives, preservatives.

* Naturally binded together without any application of commercial glue.


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