Ginseng bird’s nest for pregnant woman

Ginseng bird’s nest is suitable for consumption after the 12th day.

Bird Nest is contains soluble amino acids that will help to repair body cells and generate new cells. It also contains antioxidant that helps to eradicate free radicals in the body. Bird Nest also contains EGF(epidermal growth factor) which has an anti aging effect as it helps in the rebirth of cells and tissues.

Pregnant woman who consume bird’s nest during pregnancy will improve their health and benefit the foetus. It is also used in confinement food as a tonic to help stimulate appetite and aids in digestion. It also helps the body the repair the tissues and boost immunity.

Health Benefits of Bird's Nest for Pregnancy

Why is a confinement period important?

Giving birth to a child causes alot of stress to a woman’s body. Excessive bleeding, sweating, body pains are some of the common problems. The confinement period has the objective of strengthening the mother’s body to its original health or even better, as well as to restore the uterus back to the original size.

The confinement period is typically divided into 4 stages. A woman is at her weakest right after childbirth and hence it is not advisable for her to eat tonics or nutritious food immediately.

Stage 1 (1st Week after Childbirth)

Clear lochia (vaginal discharge for the first fortnight after birth), and heal existing wounds.

Stage 2 (2nd Week after childbirth)

Repairs tissues and strengthen internal organs

Stage 3 (3rd Week after childbirth)

Strengthens physique and nourish body

Stage 4 (4th Week after childbirth)

Strengthens overall vitality , tone the body and beautify complexion

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