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White Bird’s Nest Grade AAAAA (8OZ)


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The most superior ‘top of the line’ grade of white swallow bird’s nest. This is one of the highest quality bird’s nest you can get from our product lines.
White Nest is the best seller and most preferable one in the market.

Indonesia White Nest AAAAA is beautifully boxed for storage and gifts.

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NY BIRD’S NEST  has been providing 100% Pure and Genuine quality of bird nests for more than 15 years.

Our Bird Nest is lighter, this is because NY BIRD’S NEST  does not use any additives to make it heavier or look nicer.NY BIRD’S NEST processes its Bird Nest individually unlike any other handlers who artificially inflate the size of their dried bird nest by combining two or more bird nest into one.

A simple experiment will prove this fact. Simply soak a piece of NY BIRD’S NEST  in water with another piece of Bird Nest from another trader. At the end of the day, NY BIRD’S NEST  dried bird nest would have expanded several times its original size and weight.

Every piece of Bird nest taken from our processing plant is cleaned using Distilled Water as tap water holds impurities that may contaminate bird nest. The dirt particles and feathers are then painstaking removed by our well-trained and professional workers using tweezer and working under a magnification lamp.

We are able to achieve 10% water moisture and keeping all the original nutrients. This is why our NY BIRD’S NEST  can last for several years without turning bad. We take such great care and quality control because we truly appreciate the healing qualities of this wondrous gift of nature.

We have few different kind of Bird nest and sizes. We have the regular white bird nest with 3 different sizes ( AAA , AAAA and also AAAAA ) the A’s sizes is the size of the nest pieces.

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Weight8 oz

4 reviews for White Bird’s Nest Grade AAAAA (8OZ)

  1. 285106330 (verified owner)

    Good product, very delicious, also good seller.

  2. Kris Dayanti

    Not only looks nice but also tastes good!

  3. Chelsea Olivia

    For me, I’m so glad with this bird nest. Not only looks nice but also tastes good. There is no any hairs inside, very fresh and the package is so lovely. Thanks so much!

  4. Adeline A

    lookin’ good! I Love it cook with papaya.?

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